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Patowmack Farm
Patowmack Farm
Patowmack Farm
Patowmack Farm
Patowmack Farm
Patowmack Farm
Patowmack Farm


Why Patowmack is Unique?

  • A simple concept: local, organic, seasonal cuisine from our farm to your table.
  • Our menu is dependent on the seasons and the whim of the chef.
  • Local, seasonal, organic cuisine

Regardless of the season, you will experience exquisite local, organic cuisine that will excite the palate and nourish the soul. A tranquil setting, inspired by nature, the restaurant presents a venue with a breathtaking view and natural setting overlooking the Potomac River. Menus change daily as fresh produce becomes available.

The chef adapts his menu, Grown, Raised and Found prix fixe offered on Friday and Saturday evenings, Thursday a la carte, monthly Sunday Supper and Brunch with the seasons. Fresh from our fields, organic and local ingredients take center stage on the menu. Our culinary concept is best described as contemporary with the creativity of the chef’s imagination. Simply prepared, in season and presented with understanding and commitment that allows our guests to experience flavors that harmonize and balance.

A vegetarian menu is always available. Please let us know of any dietary needs, as we are happy to accommodate advanced requests.

Executive Chef Tarver King

Tarver Kings passionate drive and undeniable focus on technique and flavor define his cuisine.  With an early calling to the culinary craft, Tarver began his career apprenticing for the three-stared chef of La Villa Lorraine, Alain Jackmin at his restaurant in Virginia Beach, Le Chambord.  He has worked with an outstanding list of acclaimed and accomplished chefs, such as stints in the kitchens of Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia, The Inn at Little Washington, VA, The French Laundry, Napa Valley, The Woodlands Inn and Resort, Summerville, South Carolina and the Ashby Inn, VA.

Tarver creates outstanding and flavorful dishes for his guests, using local, seasonal, organic ingredients.  Inspired by the bounty of the farm, he has a passion for organic ingredients and imaginative interpretations.  Clear presentation of the ingredients, with artistic flourish, allows the diner to experience flavors reflected by the organic offerings of Patowmack Farm and other local producers.  The elemental base of fresh ingredients serves as inspiration for his contemporary cuisine.

The flavor of every dish improves by the freshness of the ingredients and allows the chef to connect intimately with the food he prepares.  Tarver’s innovative and skillfully executed dishes deliver intelligent compositions with engaging and inspiring flavors while following the lead of nature, being ever mindful of the environment, by sourcing the highest quality local, seasonal, organic ingredients.

Tarver’s commitment to the community and his support of small local businesses is evident in every aspect of his culinary journey. Relais and Chateau named him “Grand Chef” of the year and Esquire Magazine tapped him as one of its five top chefs to watch.  In 2013, he was nominated by the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington RAMMY Chef of the Year award.

Chef King explains, “that creativity is born out of inspiration.  I believe that inspiration is the fuel that drives creativity and urges one to try new techniques.  Creativity is the materialization of a thought – the realization of a feeling formulated with great care into an edible composition.  For example, a powerful inspiration for me is autumn.  The aroma of a fireplace, colorful trees and cooling weather prompt thoughts of wood, spices and warm colors.  Comforting flavors like apples, nuts and squash are considered.  With this inspiration, I am faced with how to recreate that feeling in an eating experience.  The question becomes how does one interpret that feeling with food?  Therein, lays the challenge and where the creativity begins.  For me, this is the most enjoyable and most important part of my life, recreating inspiration with flavors and textures.  To me the interpretation is begun with craft and completed by art.  What we behold is what we take in.  What we take in through our senses is how we perceive something and food has the ability to influence all of them. Mist in the mountains becomes perfumed vapor.  Sunlight on tidal pools becomes reflections in consommé.  Dead branches in snow become different forms of chocolate.  Ocean waters become plates of ice, seaweed and shellfish.  Ultimately for a chef to make art, the craft must enable him/her to express his/her creative vision with flavors, textures and ingredients.  The path to this goal is a chef’s true craft.”

Hours of Dining

Thursday - Saturday
Reservation 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday
Brunch/Lunch 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Sunday Supper – monthly
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm